Cleveland Browns: Stay away from Deshaun Watson, he’s the RG3 clone

More than likely the Cleveland Browns will end up with the No.1 pick in the 2016-17 NFL Draft. As the commissioner walks to the podium and starts to form the words Browns fans have thought all season, reality will start to set in. “With the No.1 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select”. Whoa, not so fast. Let’s back it up.

The Browns are 0-12 as of Monday, December 5th but not that kind of 0-12 that screams, start over. Most franchises start their rebuild with a QB and the Browns should be no different. But, what if they already have their signal caller? Remember, the Brown still have Cody Kessler who has played great in his eight starts, not to mention they still have RG3 on the team. So why would or should the Browns even consider drafting another QB?

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“Wait till we get experience” is all I keep hearing from some Browns fan. But doesn’t experience come from playing in the league? Drafting another rookie is setting the rebuild back another season or two. RG3 has experience, but he stays hurt. Kessler is gaining the necessary reps but it’s hard to see his growth when the team is short on skill players.

The talk of the draft will be Clemson QB, Deshaun Watson and rightfully so. He has the tools to make it in the NFL but so did RG3 before him. Watson will come in thinking he can outrun DE’s on the edges and will be hit with a rude awakening. His arm strength is superb but who will he be throwing to on Sunday’s? Josh Gordon is dealing with personal issues and while Terrelle Pryor has shown exceptional skills he’s still a little wet behind the ears in the WR department.

The ground game started off great but how much can Isaiah Crowell do when his team is constantly playing catch up and the defense does not respect the passing attack? The issue is not at QB despite what some may think. The team needs to look elsewhere for talent. I know that a player like Watson or DeShone Kizer may be hard to pass up but it’s time the Browns stop being the Browns and right the ship.

Taking Watson will be like drafting RG3. While his name may sound good coming out of the commissioner’s mouth, the Browns better make sure it’s not followed by their team.

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