Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals live stream

The Arizona Cardinals are hosting the Washington Redskins in week 13 NFL action on Sunday. All the information to tune into this game is listed below.

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The Washington Redskins had a tough game on Thanksgiving against the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, their defense could come up big when needed. They are going to need a better performance against, especially against the run if they want to win on Sunday. Here are three keys to a Redskins victory this week.

Contain David Johnson

David Johnson is the key to Arizona Cardinals offense. If he can have a big game, then the Washington Redskins could be in for a long day. The saying goes “you can’t control him. You can only hope to contain him,” if the Redskins want to stay in the game they will have to do just that. The run defense of the Washington Redskins ranks 25th in the league. They will have to play much better than that to stop David Johnson, who is 3rd in the league.

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Score in the Red Zone

The Washington Redskins are currently the 29th ranked red zone scoring offense in the NFL (45%). There needs to be some urgency put in this area by the coaching staff. Between the 20s the Washington Redskins are a great offense. They get bogged down when they get into the Red Zone. Many people say that it is play calling. I can see that in some cases. Most of the time, however, it is execution.

For example, on a “wildcat” play ran last week in the red zone, Jordan Reed whiffed on a block that would have opened a hole for RB Robert Kelley. On a second play, in which Jordan Reed was injured, Reed ran his cross too deep and was in the same area as to which Pierre Garcon was in. These simple mistakes are costing the Redskins in the Red Zone. If they would pay attention to detail they could easily be efficient inside the 20.

Tackle, Tackle, Tackle

The Washington Redskins defense has an issue when it comes to tackling. At times they can stop anyone. Most of the time they are whiffing on tackles. They are over pursuing, getting out of position, and that is forcing bad tackling. They are currently 25th in the league in total defense (370 yds/game). The Redskins can win with this defense.

They have shown during their 4-game winning streak that they can play with anyone in the league. It comes down to will and having players in proper positions. Defense is just as simple as mind over matter. Put it in your mind that you can stop anyone and you will succeed. The Redskins will need a big game on this side of the ball. If they get that big game they should easily be successful.

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The Washington Redskins still control their own destiny into the playoffs. They are entering a very favorable stretch in their schedule as well. A stretch in which all but one of their opponents are under .500. The Redskins always play well in December. I do not see any reason why this cannot continue. ALWAYS HTTR!!!

Date: December 4, 2016

Start Time: 4:25pm EST

Location: Chandler, AZ

Stadium: University of Phoenix Stadium

TV Info: Fox

Live Stream: DirectTV Sunday Ticket

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