Los Angeles Rams: Jeff Fisher’s contract proves team is content with losing

The Los Angeles Rams did what they were supposed to do Sunday afternoon after it was announced to the public that the Rams have extended head coach Jeff Fisher’s contract. They went out and lost.

That’s the only way to celebrate such wonderful news, right?

Fisher gets a contract extension while coaches like Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat. This is not race related by organization related. Lewis has been to the playoffs, has winning seasons and is loved by his players. Fisher, however, is still trying to find an identity after being a head coach for the past 22 years. In today’s game, I guess it’s okay to reward a 31-44-1 (Rams) record when you have no clear direction on where you want your team to go.

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He didn’t want Jared Goff as his starting QB and it may have cost the Rams their season. He has too much faith in Tavon Austin when other WRs are clearly better talents and now his star running back looks like a second-year bust. But yet, he deserves a contract extension. To be honest, to put the blame on the players is downright wrong. How can you continue to play for a coach that you have no faith in?

Fisher is hands-on, a no-nonsense type of old school coach but the NFL has changed over the years and he has yet to adapt. The Rams have done more than moved into a new stadium, they moved the entire team across the country. But, why is everyone so stunned? If you saw Hard Knocks you witnessed how far of a gap between he and the players. Fisher is not the guy for this young team. It’s time for new leadership but for some reason ownership believes the opposite.

In order for the Rams to succeed, they must prove they are willing to do whatever it takes by getting rid of the man who has led them down this dark path.

This is not the San Francisco 49ers, the Rams have talent on both sides of the ball. The just don’t have the right man on the sidelines.


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