With the college football season finishing up and moving towards the Bowls, there is a lot of talk about the playoff. Honestly, I think it should be expanded from 4 teams. This year leads a great case for that. Let us delve into the top teams and see why college football need and expanded playoff system.


The Crimson Tide is most certainly the best team in the country. Heck, they may even be able to give the worst team in the NFL a run for their money. There is no argument from me that they deserve to be ranked where they are and the number one seed in the playoff.

Ohio State

The Buckeyes will get in the playoff based on ranking alone. However, I feel they should not even be considered a top 4 team. The loss, to eventual conference champion, Penn State needs to hold more weight. I feel that if you do not play in a conference championship in one of the power 5 conferences then you should be considered for a playoff. I know that OSU is a good football team and they make the case for an expanded playoff in college football.


The Huskies should be the number two team in the country. Their demolishing of Colorado on Friday night makes a strong case. The Buffs had the number one defense in the Pac12 and Washington went through them like Moses parted the Red Sea. If they get a 4 seed it will be total robbery. There is no way they deserve to play ‘Bama in the first round. I would have them at two, the committee should have them no worse than three.

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The Tigers are the worst of the top 4 teams in college football. They barely beat a Virginia Tech team Saturday night in the ACC Championship game. They should be in the playoff talk because they won their conference that is for sure. However, they should come in at number three or four. Their loss to Pitt should carry a bit of weight in the final say.  The committee will probably keep them at number 3.


The Wolverines, just like the Buckeyes, should not even be the talk of the top 4. They did not even play in their conference championship. The losses to Iowa and OSU killed any hope of them playing in the tournament. There really is no other arguments. Are they top 8? Yes! Another case for expanded playoff in college football.

Penn State

The Nittany Lions upset Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship game. They also have a huge regular season win against a top 4 team, OSU. There are two strong cases right there for them to be inside the final selection of the top 4. Unfortunately, they could get crapped on by the committee. I would place them at 4 and give them an unfortunate date with Bama in the first round. They deserve a chance and just by being conference champions should be in.

So my top 4 when all said and done would look like this: 1. Bama, 2. Washington, 3. Clemson, and 4. Penn State. All conference champions of their respected conference. That would leave OSU and Michigan on the outside looking in. Sorry fellas but win your conference and you get in.

How do I think it will finish? 1. Bama, 2. OSU, 3. Washington, and 4. Clemson. The Huskies, as I stated, deserve to jump Clemson. They are a much more rounded and better football team. I believe that the committee will see this. However, college football needs to expand the playoff system, because someone is being left in the dark and it does not look good.


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