Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens: Preview and prediction

After last season, the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens were looking for a fresh start. Miami faces yet another losing season, and Baltimore couldn’t squash the injury bug. In Week 13 the two teams face off in a matchup to show who’s on the right path. The Ravens have always been a thorn in the Dolphins’ side and lead the series the face off seven wins to six wins. Sunday’s contest was flexed from the 1 pm time slot to 4 pm. Which team comes out on top?

Advantage Miami:

If the Miami Dolphins can get back to healthy this is a different matchup. The Dolphins have proven they can run the football against tough defenses. Baltimore stands to be a test only allowing 74.9 rushing yards per game. With quarterback Ryan Tannehill under Adam Gase’s tutelage, the Dolphins can be just as effective through the air. Baltimore is one of the more defensively sound teams in the league, so Miami will have to use their entire playbook.

Luckily for the Dolphins, they’ve proven time and time again, they have what it takes to make adjustments. Look for them to throw out a lot of play action and misdirection plays. If healthy the team may have too many weapons for the Ravens to handle. Stills, Landry, Parker, Ajayi, and now Sims, have all shown they can be major contributors on offense. Even key plays have come out of backups and fill-ins. Hopefully, the Dolphins are healthy enough to make a game out of it.

Advantage Baltimore:

Baltimore has never been a stranger to defense. Not only do they have a stingy run game, but they’re also top ten in defending the pass. Expect the Ravens to run every bit of their playbook against the surging Dolphins. This could be a statement game if they can knock off one of only three teams on a six-game win streak. While the offense struggles with consistency, the defense is the backbone of the team.

The Ravens can’t afford to let Tannehill get into a rhythm and ought to have plenty of blitz packages. Once Tannehill gets on tilt, it should be smooth sailing for Baltimore. Throughout his entire career once Tannehill lets the game slip from his control is when the mistakes start to happen. With the strength of their defense, Miami’s offensive line needs to be healthy and bring their best.

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Miami has shown they can play with just about any team in the league. The only problem is, too often they play down to the level of their competition. Since the turn around the Dolphins have found ways to get it done rushing, passing and on special teams to secure their seventh win in a row they might have to do it against the Ravens alone.

The two teams are looking to establish themselves as playoff contenders. If the Dolphins can come away victorious, the doubt would slowly fade. Unfortunately for them, the Ravens have too tough of a defense and nagging injuries will be their doom.

Miami falls to Baltimore 24-13.

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