The San Diego Chargers are now the Los Angeles Chargers?

The San Diego Chargers are exercising their option to relocate to Los Angeles. I guess they saw how much fun the Los Angeles Rams were having during the filming of HBO’s Hark Knocks and decided to get in on the action.

This comes on the heels of the news that the Oakland Raiders are planning a move to Las Vegas themselves. Aside from a change of scenery and a new fanbase what does this mean for the team?

Absolutely nothing at all. Well, maybe a name change.

What do we call them now? Are they the Los Angeles Chargers or will they look for a complete makeover and switch their name and logo? No matter what they do, they will possibly play second-fiddle to the Rams as they will become the Clippers to the Rams, Lakers, Jets to the Giants and so forth.

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This is a great move for the team but not for their loyal fans. The fans knew there was a possibility of a change when the Rams came and the Chargers were given an option but did anyone actually think it would happen so fast?

For the fans reading, this was not a pure football move. This is the work of Chairman Dean Spanos throwing a hissy fit because he could not get the city to build the team a new stadium. So, instead of being a man about the situation, he is deciding to take the easy way out by moving the team to share a stadium that he doesn’t have to pay for.

But, Spanos and the Chargers may want to think this through all the way. Even with the move and skipping the cost of a building of a new stadium, the team will still be on the hook for close to $700M over the next 10 years. The Chargers will still have to pay a relocation fee of $650M and then will have to fund the construction of their own practice facility.

So, why spend all that unnecessary cash over the next 10 years when you can put that into upgrades into your own stadium? I get that the move will not alienate all Chargers fans but to leave your home to share it with another team because you’re angry at the city sounds a bit foolish to me.

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