Sacramento Kings Rumors: Can they pull off the John Wall, Eric Bledsoe trade?

The Sacramento Kings are in the middle of so many NBA Rumors that you lose track of the countless names and destinations their players are mentioned in. But, this week, one of the highly sought after players sort of made it clear where he sees his future being.

DeMarcus Cousins has been the subject of many rumors but he may have finally put the speculation to bed when he spoke about a possible reunion with his University of Kentucky teammates, John Wall, and Eric Bledsoe:

“Play with John and Eric again,” Cousins contemplated, “you never know what will happen. It’s the NBA, so hopefully one day he’ll be in a Sacramento uniform.”

Notice what he didn’t say. He could have easily said; “One day I hope we can find a team”. He stated he wants them in Sacramento, meaning that is where he sees his future but, is this pairing even possible?

Yes, it is.

Cousins will become a free agent in 2018, Wall in 2019 and Bledsoe the same year. But if the Kings were smart they will not let any of those players test the waters. The Kings should be ready to win now, and that means that the Kings brass must move quickly to make this happen. All three players are set to make no more that $16M before their next contract and this could play into the Kings hands if they can get a deal done during the trade deadline.

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The main issue here is Wall. Despite the Wizards troubles over the last two seasons, the question is; will they be willing to let the face of their franchise go? A losing team is a losing team and if you put everything in a superstar but continue to lose, the team may not have a choice. Wall is unhappy with his current squad and rightfully so. They were designed for success but have fell way short of expectations. A change of scenery may be best for Wall and the Wizards. But how much will it cost the Kings?

Wall is an All-Star and the Kings will need to dig deep into their treasure chest to get a deal done. If Wall leaves they will need a PG who can contribute right away. The Kings can offer Darren Collison/ Ty Lawson, Willie Cauley-Stein and a draft pick to get this deal done. If the Wizards continue to struggle this package may be too enticing to pass up.

As far as Bledsoe goes, his time with the Phoenix Suns may be nearing as soon as someone offers a great package. The Suns are loaded in the backcourt with Brandon Knight, Devin Booker, and Bledsoe, so much so that they employ a starting unit with all three just go give them all valuable minutes. Bledsoe is not a true PG, and those duties have fallen to Knight. Booker is secure in his SG spot thanks to last season’s outburst playing for the injured Bledsoe. But, what will it take to pry Bledsoe away from the Valley of the Sun?

The Suns are loaded at all positions but Tyson Chandler is not as nimble as he once was. If the Kings are willing to offer Kosta Koufos and manage to pull a third team like the Portland Trail Blazers into the mix for Rudy Gay and a draft pick then that may be enough the entice the Suns. There are a lot of moving parts to consider but each deal is possible if the Kings are willing to win.

Cousins is not happy, and why should he be when the team is stuck in transition? He just told the organization in so many words what will make him happy and keep him in a Kings uniform. Get him the players he wants. Right now, he wants his friends.

Because, if the Kings can’t get this done, then best believe the Suns and Wizards or possibly another team who saw his interview and statements may try to make this happen. If you don’t belive my last statement, just read what John Wall had to say:

“Just trying to figure out what’s going to happen, you know what I mean?” Wall said. “[Cousins] loves where he’s at and I love where I’m at, so whatever we feel like gives us the best opportunity to win — I know what our [team] is here and what I want to do here. And it’s something I keep in my mind.”

Make this happen Sacramento.


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