New York Jets: Ryan Fitzpatrick named starter for Week 13

It is clear that the New York Jets are not making the playoffs this season, but they are still making one decision that makes no sense. It was reported today that the Jets have announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick will get the start as they play the Indianapolis Colts next Monday night.

2016 has been a bad season for Fitzpatrick as he has 10 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Although he continues to have a poor performance every week, Todd Bowles still wants him to be the starter. I don’t understand what the Jets see in him, but he could easily be blamed for why the Jets are heading towards a 10 loss season.

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I’m not advocating for Geno Smith to start cause I feel he is as bad as Fitzpatrick, but why not give Petty a start? I understand not giving Hackenberg a start now as he’s still learning the system, but Petty has been here for a few seasons. Also, he can’t be worse than Fitzpatrick.

Until the Jets make the right choice and take Fitzpatrick out and put in someone who could actually lead this team, they will not be taken seriously at all and will be seen as a joke. Look at what the Dallas Cowboys did with Tony Romo. Unfortunately, he got injured and the Cowboys ended up playing Dak Prescott which forced the “Boys to sit Romo until further notice. I am not saying I hope Fitzpatrick gets injured, but you don’t know what you have with Petty unless you put him in.

A lot of this could be due to Bowles trying to save his job and he wants someone like Fitzpatrick in. Since the Jets are not playing for the playoffs, why don’t you start Petty and bench Fitzpatrick? I know they did that before and put in Geno Smith, but how did that work for them? I say play Petty and see what happens.

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