Tim Tebow takes his next step toward the MLB

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is making another splash in Major League Baseball news. In early September, the New York Mets announced that they signed Tebow to a minor league deal, that included a signing bonus of $100,000. At the time, the former Heisman Trophy winner hadn’t played any real baseball since his junior year of high school, back in 2005.

Players and fans seemed to have differing opinions on Tebow’s signing, ranging anywhere from disbelief to congratulatory statements. The amount of his signing bonus caused a bit of a stir, as well as his ability to play the game part-time. In agreement with the Mets organization, Tebow has been allowed to continue his work as a SEC Network college football analyst on weekends.

The newly positioned outfielder just finished his Instructional League stay, where he managed to slam a homer on the very first pitch he saw in an organized game. He ended the Instructional League batting a decent .286. His skill will be tested again during the Arizona Fall League, as the lefty will be on the Scottsdale Scorpions roster, along with eight other New York Mets prospects.

While claims that his initial signing was in no way a public relations stunt, there is no doubt that signing Tebow has made the Mets organization a little wealthier and little more famous. Aside from getting their name mentioned all over the various radio, TV, and other news outlets, the Mets saw his No. 15 jersey drastically spike in sales. His Instructional League play saw hundreds flock to the outings. With the Arizona Fall League charging admission for their games, one is left to wonder just how much revenue will be coming from the “Tim Tebow” name.

Some people aren’t sure if Tebow is serious about playing the game, or if he’s just trying to stay relevant in the public eye. Either way, he’s landed a deal that hundreds, if not thousands, of dedicated players, are working hard every day to try to achieve. With so many players out there living and breathing the game of baseball, day in and day out, I hope that this deal wasn’t just handed to him. I hope he’s truly earned it and proves that out on the field.

It would be a shame to know that there is someone out there working harder, with more talent and ability, to get where Tim Tebow seemed to have so easily landed.

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