Black Panther: Could New Age Of Ultron Trailer Be Hinting At Another Marvel Film Franchise ?

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I don’t think my jaw has left the floor after watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. It was filled with action, explosions, and finally shots of a live-action Ultron. What I noticed though was something more than the Avengers, as there was a potential lead in to a future Marvel movie franchise, or a the very least a new Marvel character in the Cinematic Universe.

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Did anyone notice the broken vibranium shield of Captain America? It was pretty easy to spot in the trailer. However, how is it possible to break an unbreakable shield? It’s pretty simple when your made of vibranium , and Ultron allegedly seeks the material in the film.

So, how does Ultron come across the vibranium? In the Marvel Comics Universe, vibranium is found in the African nation of Wakanda, which happens to be home to the Marvel superhero, Black Panther.

It has been speculated for a few years that Marvel would be giving Black Panther the movie treatment, but could this Ultron connection be the telling sign?  What if during the Avengers, Ultron invades the city of Wakanda and steals it’s supply of Vibranium and by doing so gets himself involved with Black Panther.

While I don’t think the movie will feature Black Panther, it is certainly too much of a coincidence that the film follows this route to not include the character in other Marvel films.

The other telling bit of information I gathered from the trailer is the image of actor Andy Serkis. Serkis plays an unidentified character in Age of Ultron, but the trailer showed him bare a striking resemblance to Ulysses Klaw, who is an integral character in the Black Panther universe.

So, with the Vibranium/Waknakda connection, and the possible inclusion of Klaw, Black Panther must exist in the Marvel Universe. Hopefully, he does because Black Panther is one of the more exciting characters in the Marvel Comics world. I hope my speculation is right, but we will see for sure come May 2015.

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