Lifestyle: Do Real-Life Ninja Turtles Make The Best Pets?

(Photo: Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies)

(Photo: Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies)

It is common for kids to imitate their favorite characters from T.V. and movies. However, what if that character is a turtle? But, not just any turtle, but one of the teenage mutant ninja variety.

The success of the Michael Bay-directed Paramount reboot, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” starring mega sex-pot, Megan Fox, it certainly captured many adolescent imaginations, but it might have gotten a little too real. The success of the film has led to an increase in the sales of turtles in the United States and Canada.

In fact, since the film’s release in August the sale of turtle’s has risen 20 percent, according to a report from Canadian news network, CBC.

While it is absolutely correct to think this is absurd, we must think like a young child. How cool would it be to have your own ninja turtle? Just think about the possibilities, you can have him fight the bullies at your school, he can play catch, and you can share a pizza with no anchovies with him when no one else will.

It does seem a little ridiculous but Steve Mark, who worked within the Canadian park system has heard the stories first-hand, and he mentioned his account of such stories with CBC.

“Kids, with their imagination, are thinking if they got four of them maybe they’ll turn into the ninja turtles.”

Mark went on to say that he saw the same increase in sales during the original Turtle’s film, which was released in 1990. However, that was 24 years ago. Surely, kids can tell the difference between reality and imagination, especially when it involves a pet turtle.

I understand what its like to wish for something absurd. I grew up when the Power Rangers were a huge deal. Nothing could stop me from wanting to fight, act, and be like them. I dreamed the Pink Ranger was my girlfriend, and that came at a time when I thought girls were yucky. So, I get what these kids are thinking, but at least what I idolized was of the human form.

Kids certainly come up with crazy thoughts, and while I’m not telling someone to stop believing, I absolutely question every kid that thinks a turtle will transform into a teenage ninja. The scariest part about all of this is what the parents will say when the turtles they bought for little Johnny, turn into nothing but, well, turtles.

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