Entertainment: Will CW’s “The Flash” Wow Audiences? (VIDEO)


With the new fall lineup of shows already in full swing, viewers will have no shortage of programs to fall in love with.

However, if your into action, superheroes, and you like your shows to be fast paced than look no further than CW’s new series, The Flash.

#TheFlash is one of the most iconic DC superheroes of all time. This television incarnation of the popular comic will focus on Barry Allen, a crime-scene investigator for the Central City police department, who is dead set on finding the truth about his mother’s murder, but when a freak explosion sends him into a nine-month coma, it changes him forever.

When he awakens, Allen discovers he has the ability to move at lightning-fast speed. As a result of his newfound power, Barry makes a vow to save and protect his city from the people who threaten it, and to do so he can longer be Allen, he must be the Flash.

That is the back story to the new series, and fans can expect to see a lot of new and exciting elements to the show as well. The most exciting of which is the parallel between another popular CW show, Arrow.

The highly successful series, #Arrow served as the first introduction to Allen, when he was featured during the episodes, The Scientist and Three Ghosts. The story saw Barry visit Starling City, where he came into contact with Oliver Queen/Arrow, who is played exceptionally well by Stephen Amell. The show served as somewhat of a backdoor pilot for “The Flash”.

At the end of “Three Kings”, we witness Barry’s accident , which will likely serve as the opening scene for the show.

While the shows won’t necessarily join forces, there is a plan to crossover the shows at certain points. Queen makes an appearance in the first episode of the series , and Central Cities S.T.A.R. labs was featured during an episode of Arrow in season two.

The two show’s will also share some of the same villains, as it was announced that the creepy and malicious Dollmaker will make an appearance on Flash, a role he also played on Arrow.

The show will look to draw the Arrow audience in, but it is certainly not the same show.

Flash will feature villains not seen before including Captain Cold and Firestorm, and will focus heavily on Barry’s quest to find out the truth behind his mothers murder.

The extended show synopsis also features an interesting tidbit that might further the show from Arrow, and may hint at the direction Flash is heading.

Concealing his identity behind his incredible velocity, Barry can not only accomplish feats faster than human comprehension, but also taps into an energy that allows him to access moments out of time — both past and future.

Is it possible that Barry’s character will be able to time travel? While it can’t be said for sure, it would add a very unique dynamic to the show, and will enable storytellers to flesh out Barry’s back story.

So who will be playing Allen? That task has been assigned to Grant Gustin, or as most fans know him, Sebastian Smythe from the popular Fox show “Glee”. Glee saw Gustin play a prep-school snob in a role that showcased his wide array of acting.

In addition to his acting ability, Gustin has the look of a young adult, which is something the creators envisioned for Barry.

While “The Flash” might not be as large-scale as other new shows, like Fox’s newest hit, Gotham, it certainly has the ability to be just as epic. With an established show such as Arrow serving as its lead-in and blueprint, Flash will almost assuredly be a success.

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