Entertainment: Can Alfonso Ribeiro Win DWTS? (VIDEO)

ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" - Season 19 - Week Two

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It’s always a big popularity contest, that’s the common theme with reality competition shows. This season–the 19th–on Dancing with the Stars, Alfonso Ribeiro, or as most fans know him Carlton from the Fresh Prince, not only has the fan support but he has the skill to match.

Maybe this time the most popular contestant is the best contestant, and so far he has lived up to expectations.

Ribeiro’s lively energy and showmanship has earned him significant praise from the judges. During the first week of competition, Ribeiro performed the jive and left everyone speechless. The dance scored an impressive 36 from the four-person judging panel, which is an almost unheard of score for the first week of competition.

Ribeiro’s second week performance was also exceptional. Wearing a white and blue suit, Ribeiro danced to “Getting Jiggy With It”, a song made famous by former Fresh Prince co-star, Will Smith. The judges were again wowed by Ribeiro as he scored an impactful 32 from the expert panel of judges.

Fans of The Fresh Prince if Bel-Air will certainly remember Ribeiro’s knack for dancing, his patented “Carlton Dance” became about as memorable as the show’s opening theme song.

Ribeiro was a fan favorite from the start. His inclusion in the show immediately brought fans thoughts back to his infamous dance, which was performed to the smooth stylings of the Tom Jones classic hit ” It’s not Unusual”. When asked by E! News if he and partner, Whitney Carson will perform the iconic dance Ribeiro responded with a favorable response.

“There is a plan to do it at some point,” “We have discussed it as a team, and we’re not gonna do it early, right, because we actually want to show America the dancing.”

While fans await the Carlton, Ribeiro must also prepare for future dances, and while his upbeat dance style is a fan favorite, he must prove he is as diverse as he is entertaining.

Dancing With the Stars requires each contestant perform multiple styles of dance. Next week will be a test for Ribeiro as he will be challenged by the Waltz, a much slower, graceful dance than his previous two performances.

If Ribeiro can prove to conquer the waltz next week, he could distance himself further from the rest of the pack. However, there is also some stiff competition on this year’s show.  In addition to Ribeiro, there a few other contestants that have stood out. Lea Thompson, who played Lorraine McFly in “Back to the Future”, was the leader in the judges scores for Monday’s show.

Another name to watch is Sadie Robertson, who is known for her role in Duck Dynasty, as she was very impressive for someone of her age. (17)  So, while Ribeiro might not have a clear path to the Dancing title,and the coveted mirror ball trophy, he certainly seemed ready and confident during an interview with US Weekly.

“I am ready to have fun and win this thing! A mirrorball is in my future — I see it,”

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