MLB Rumors: Will Rusney Castillo Become The Latest Cuban Defector To Hit It Big?


Rusney Castillo is looking to become the latest Cuban defector to reach the Major Leagues. While he might not be a known name yet , he is definitely looking to change that.

Like some of the Cuban defectors before him, Castillo has remained somewhat of an unknown.

While recent defectors like Yoenis Cespedes, and Jose Abreu were known for their amazing power, Castillo is known more for his speed. His speed has led some scouts to comapre him to former MLB steals leader Rajai Davis.

Most scouts see Castillo as a possible everyday center fielder. However, Castillo doesn’t have the best arm for this position.  As a result, some have said Castillo might only profile as a fourth outfielder.

Hopefully, Castillo can mature into more than just a fourth outfielder, because he is looking for top-level money.

Castillo is looking to sign a deal similar to the seven-year $42 million contract current Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, and former Cuban star, Yasiel Puig signed in 2012.  Puig was 20 years of age when he signed his 2012 deal, and scouts were enamored by his potential upside.

Castillo, who is already 27 years old, might not have the same upside as Puig, but that hasn’t prevented team’s from taking an interest in the Cuban speedster.  Recently, Castillo held a 28-team workout in Miami. Castillo displayed his great speed, but also showed off an improved swing, that has led many scouts to believe he can hit for a more consistent average, and might have occasional home run power.

It is still unknown as to which teams are the front-runners for Castillo. It has been rumored that the Phillies, Tigers , and Red Sox are the favorites, but other teams might be in play.

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